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Welcome to my site! Here you will find products that aid in weight loss. All products are 100% organic and natural. These products will help you succeed in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

The reason I am super excited about drink2shrink is because I know it honestly can help get that stubborn weight off and make you feel like an all-around healthy person.

"I went from size 20 to size 12. The smallest I've been in over 20 years..."


"thanks to Drink2shrink I've regained my life"


About Us

Dionne Carroll

store owner

A little about me. I’m 50 years young and never felt better and younger, I was an Elementary Educator for 12 years! It was fun and rewarding but stressful at the same time.. So not only I had to get my stress levels back down -it caused me to gain weight more than usual. I literally went from a size 12 to an 8 once I put my mind to a healthy lifestyle. The problem was I couldn't workout like I use to because I was dealing with so many demands on the job. It was then that I found the power of drinking to shrink. Literally it is a lifestyle that you can begin and you can keep up with. It is hard to be inconsistent with simply drinking things that make you feel good and look better! Literally you can lose up 20lbs a month with my systems. 


Pre-made Drink2Shrink formula is available for pick up or delivery in Galveston County or within 15 miles radius.


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